5 Haiku on the Best Tokyo Ramen

I’ve devoured many delicious, mind-altering bowls of ramen in Tokyo. These are the ones that moved me to poetry.

Sliced pink phoenix flesh
Bathes in golden butter cream
The divine egg splits

Kagari Soba, Ginza

Cold pearl nets enter
Musty depths of fish sweat
Extract gravy clots

Fuunji Tsukemen, Shinjuku

Dry noodle bed. Oil
Pig sleeps on poached egg pillow
Wake with vinegar

Abura Soba, Shibuya

Beasts boil in black pond
Of burnt miso garlic ash
Add ikura rice

Gogyo Ramen, Ginza

Sandy wheat noodles
Steep in bisque of thousand shrimps
There’s also pesto

Gonokamiseisakujo Tsukemen, Shinjuku

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