How to Make a Paracord Watch Strap

Like me, you must be pretty bored to even consider such a thing. Fortunately for me I had some paracord, a side release buckle, and an old watch laying around. You will also need a scissors, lighter, and possibly some sandpaper.

There are lots of other options out there, I recommend looking on youtube, especially if you want something that uses longer (more useful) strands.

Before you begin, look and see if you will be able to remove the new strap. The Timex watch I used has removable spring loaded strap bars. If your strap bars are not removable, consider replacing the battery first because you will likely have to cut this off.

To start, I cut six 18cm lengths of paracord. I then threaded them under the watch, making sure each side was of equal length. I then braided both ends, two at a time, like you would with hair. Once completed, I subtracted the length of the buckle and of the watch from the diameter of my wrist and divided that number by two to get a measurement for each side. I then stopped the braid at that distance from the watch and slid the buckle onto both ends.

After the buckle is on I tested it on my wrist to make sure it wasn’t too tight or loose. Then I cut away excess paracord from the bottom of the buckle leaving only two or three millimeters left on both sides. Using a lighter for each side, I melted the remaining ends together and ran it under water to cool quickly.

If you want, you can stop there! I decided that after melting I wanted it to have a lower profile against the buckle. Using my dremel with a sandpaper attachment, I ground away the melted ends until it was 1mm or flush with the buckle. I did have to re-melt some parts to make sure they didn’t come apart. This could also work with sandpaper.

Now you’re done! Good job. You deserve a treat.

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