The FU Button — AWS IoT + Python

As I’m sure some of you experienced in the past or currently have to endure; roommates can be irritating. I have come up with a solution for those times you just want to yell FUCK YOU down the hallway when they forgot to do the dishes.

To get started you will need an Amazon IoT Button and an AWS Account. Next up is to connect your button to your AWS account. To do this you will need to go to the Amazon IoT Dashboard. On the left-hand menu click on Connect. One of the options on the page will be for an IoT button, select that. You will now be taken to set up a Lambda function. This is where you will enter your button’s serial number. It can be found on the back and is labeled DSN. Once entered, check the Enable trigger box and then the Generate certificate and keys button and follow the instructions on the page.

Now that your button is set up click the Next button at the bottom. You will be prompted to set up a Lambda function. Start by giving it a name. I called mine fu_button but you can choose your own. You can also change the Description if you want. Now you need to change the runtime to Python 2.7 and delete the Email environment variable it sets up. Also, the function will need a Role name further down the page. You can now copy and paste the code below. (Be sure the change the phone numbers and message!)

Finally, you can click the Next button at the bottom and activate your function! Now, the next time you’re feeling the roommate-induced rage building up inside, hit the button instead.

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