Another Critical COVID-19 Shortage: Digital Security

Working From Home & At Risk…From Hackers

Rule 34 for books on Amazon says…

…The new work desktop in the era of COVID-19 is an unpatched, crusty laptop that spent the past two years Netflix & chilling…

The New Workplace Has More Doors, Fewer Locks

  • More remote access to networks and resources
  • To access new resources as colleagues take sick leave
  • To conduct business on personal devices, accounts and apps

Browsing in the time of COVID-19

Internet threat soup, pandemic edition. Source

Blurring work & personal accounts

…and your adversaries have a video feed!

Ok, most offices don’t have one of these but you get the point. Most offices don’t have masses of undocumented internet connected junk with microphones and cameras.

COVID-19 Will Give Hackers Wings

The Defenders Will Be Blind

The Blind Leading The Blind, Bruegel The Elder, 1568 (Also a plague year)

We Are Not In *All* of This Together

Many juicy prizes are at their most organizationally vulnerable right now. Plenty of threat actors can’t wait to pick their digital pocket.

Are Governments Immune?

…governments have never been more within the reach of all the wrong people.

Update: It did not take long

Exclusive: Elite hackers target WHO as coronavirus cyberattacks spike.




Tracking cyber threats & disinformation as a Senior Researcher @citizenlab. and

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John Scott-Railton

John Scott-Railton

Tracking cyber threats & disinformation as a Senior Researcher @citizenlab. and

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