Start Where You Are.

So today marks my 1st official day using Medium. I’ve blogged before on other platforms which ended up fizzling out. I’ve recently re-dedicated myself to online content. This post is one of the first steps in that direction.

A little about me……my name is Alair. I’m a marketing professional. On a personal note, I’m obsessed with women & the betterment of womankind. I love the news, dope books, technology, hot beverages, and life tips. My vision for this space is to discuss All Things Empowerment (hints the title). Topics will vary from professional development, inspiration, tips and tricks in personal finance, lifestyle, and other assortments. My plan is to provide you with tangible takeaways each time you sip from this cup. Bear with me as I find my way with this new tool.

I’m sure you’ve heard the popular Arthur Ashe quote

“Start where you are with what you have & do what you can”.

That is what I’m doing with this blog & that is what I would like for us, together, to do. Whatever you have been THINKING about doing for the longesttttt & putting off with whatever excuse you use, choose today to start. A side project, a life change, a diet, whatever it is. Stop writing & re-writing it on your to-do list (if you’re anything like me… Take a baby step today.

Until next time….. TTFN

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