I Got Fired Two Days Ago
Bauce Sauce

Sorry to hear, getting fired is never fun no matter how relived you feel afterwards.

The same thing happened to me last december, and I can only nod to your observations. I should have left my job months before they kicked me out due to financial cuts. I had been there three years.

Looking back, I realize that I was miserable in my job, but too busy to noticed. After getting fired I suffered from stress and anxiety attacks. Not fun.

After a month job hunting my ex-job contacted me, and offered to re-employ me. The financial problem had disappeard and they needed my expertese.
I was stupid and went back. Three months later I got offered a job close to my home (5 min by bike) and I quit the same day. I cannot express how good it felt to leave on my terms.

Getting fired is the most awful thing that has ever happened to me. Not because of the financial part (I’m from Denmark, where we receive a monthly payout for two years after getting fired until we find a new job) but because I felt like it was my fault it had happened. The answer could only be that I was an awful designer, a awful coworker. I probably sucked at everything.

Now half a year later, I can confirm that that’s not the case. My job is wonderful, I have wonderful new coworkers and I’m learning knew things every day.

I hope you find a job soon! It can only get better, trust me.

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