No Experience Necessary

I love to remind my clients who are seeking to make big changes in their life that I was completely unqualified for almost every job I’ve ever been hired for.

My first restaurant job I had fudged that I worked at a pizza place one summer at the beach that had burned down–true story (the burning down part, not the work experience part).

Then there was my first job out of college at an ad agency in Baltimore. I had majored in advertising in college, but I never did an internship, nor had I ever stepped foot into an ad agency. It was entry-level editing, but I had to learn a whole new language to operate.

It was a short stint. I quit a week after 9–11. We had been held all day working on casino ads while we watched the rest of the city evacuate on live news, still uncertain of the gravity of what had happened. My boss said the traffic was gridlock so we might as well work–which unsurprisingly didn’t sit well with me.

So, I became a teacher’s assistant while I went back to grad school. I was there less than six months before I was promoted to high school math teacher, clearly they were desperate. Yet another position I taught myself as I went along. Grad school hardly prepared me for the day-to-day in the trenches; that’s where the real learning was taking place.

When I left teaching I became a full-time trainer, by then Youtube was born and so went my online learning.

Then I took a year off to write a book. Highly unqualified for this one! And even more so to publish it by myself, ha!!

Then I became a coach, which was a natural progression of things, yes, but still no course can teach you how to be a good coach without actually doing the thing: coaching! I had several free clients before I felt comfortable letting the rubber meet the road.

The next adventure: no experience necessary podcaster!

I think you get where all this is going …

We can take all the courses in the world to be as prepared as humanly possible, but the truth is we still won’t get it. Nothing prepares you better than trying, failing, and trying some more.

Which reminds me of one of my fave unattributed quotes:

You can read all the books in the world on swimming, and still won’t know, really know, swimming until you get in the water;)

For the first time in history, we don’t need anyone else’s permission to do or be what we desire. We’re not qualified. None of us–not for the art in it all anyway. Besides heart and guts beats skill more times than not.

Just dive in; the water’s nice out here. I promise, you’ll come up splashing!

I leave you with this: What is one of your best ” least qualified” stories?


Much Love,

kat hurley

Originally published at on January 29, 2016.

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