Think Different: Unlearning negative thought patterns

We, at Team Transformation Headquarters, live, eat and breathe health/personal development, and still we catch each other more often than you’d think making self defeating proclamations.

I might say, “IF I can do such and such.” And my wife, Elisa, will correct me, “You mean WHEN you do it.”

“Say what you want, not what you don’t want,” she throws in my face often–a line she shamelessly stole from me.

I echo it back to her. Just yesterday she was huffing and puffing about “paying off her life” (a sorta side comment/joke after pouring a ton of money into her business).

“Think abundance, babe,” I said.

Elisa can fall into the trap pretty easily of not being able to separate what she does from who she is–entrepreneurial quick sand. And of course all this is easier to see from the outside looking in!

Thankfully, Elisa wasn’t available for comments on all my mindful shortcomings;)

My homeboy Dr. Joe talks about this thinking differently stuff all the time: thinking beyond your environment, he calls it.

“You must think and act before there’s proof in order to change the neuropathways in the mind that will create the new reality,” I’m paraphrasing, Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Think Dr. Martin Luther King: he had a vision well before he had proof that it was possible. What about other greats, like Gandhi, or Nelson Mandela?

Here’s to the “crazy ones,” as Apple coined them in their famous 90’s ad.

Yes, perhaps it does take a lil’ bit of crazy to think and act before there’s proof, but how do you imagine every piece of art ever comes to life, a new song, an idea, a company?

We must be steadfast in that belief–crazy stubborn, if you will. Whether you’re out to save the world, or would just like to be happier, a better partner, or parent, we all need a noble advocate/mentor/friend/neighbor/you name it we trust to call us out when we’re playing small.

We also have to get really, and I mean really, like radically honest with ourselves. What are the stories I’m constantly thinking? How do they color my life? Where are they holding me back?

I see it in my practice and hear it all the time on podcasts/audiobooks, “if we could only get out of our own way.”

More often than not, what’s blocking us from where we want to be and who we want to be when we “get there” is US. And by the way, there’s no “getting there,” so we might as well be that person NOW.

First step is seeing yourself doing the thing or being the person who …

Once you have the vision, the belief can start to take shape.

With the belief, you’ll create feelings.

Then with the feelings, emotions will emerge forging action.

Soon your personality will shift.

And with a new personality, you can create your choice of personal realities (borrowed from Dr. Joe).

Think different! It’s not just a cute campaign. Your future will likely depend on it;)

I leave you with this: Have you ever believed something far before you had the proof? How did it go? What did you learn?


Much Love,

kat hurley

Originally published at on May 17, 2016.

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