Digital Innovation — Why do you need it?

Digital innovation is a role that often doesn’t have a place in many companies, but why is that?

First, I should start by outlining what this role is. A digital innovation manager/leader is an individual who’s sole responsibility is to control and support the digital throughput and output of an organisation, whilst providing innovative and future-reaching solutions to their problems.

If you’ve ever worked in an agency then you’ll know that clients expect to be THE best at what they do, whether that’s when being compared to a colleague, a competitor, or just simply being judged on their performance. In most circumstances, the way they position themselves as the best is to outperform and out-innovate their colleagues and competitors.

Acknowledging this is important for all agencies and industries. Allowing an individual to support and develop this skillset is vital to the future of any organisation.

Now you can argue that a skilled account manager, director or strategist should be able to perform this kind of skill, and you’d be right. But allowing someone to focus on this, and nothing else can free up a wider team to focus on client liaison and delivery, and allow the digital innovation specialist to flourish and broaden the value your company offers.

Keeping an eye on current trends, developing these into strategic solutions, pitching these ideas and briefing in the ideal solutions to the wider team is a stressful and time consuming job, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The individual you employ to do a role like this should be someone with technical understanding, fantastic communication skills, an ability to simplify complex technical language, have strategic insight and a true passion for future-thinking.

A digital innovator should be at the forefront of product planning, project pitches, internal strategic discussions and digital forecasting. But ultimately, they should be a part of all discussions, because in situations where traditional approaches seem to be the only approach, they may bring forward solutions and ideas that are powerful, imaginative and beyond comprehension.

Put simply, for a company to succeed in a future where digital is at the forefront of all communications, a digital innovation leader is vital. And your company needs one.

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