Travelling Istria

Andrea C.
Andrea C.
Jul 14, 2016 · 2 min read

We spent the last vacation travelling a little by motorbike the last point of the istrian land, before the sea.

Land of olives, truffles, history and beauty, Istria is for sure a “must-to-visit” piece of Croatian land.

Some pictures follow.

Pine tree folded by wind inside the Kamenjak National Park, Premantura.
Lights plays in the pine forest close to the village of Premantura.
In the middle of the fields around Ližnjan.
Tribute to Franco Fontana’s art, middle of nowhere always around Ližnjan.
Walking, Ližnjan.
Up and down on the streets of Old City of Rovinj.
A woman cooling down in a hot day of June, Rovinj.
Same bench, no human being anymore, Rovinj.
Wild cat hunting for a big reward, Rovinj.

Andrea C.

Written by

Andrea C.

happy, thoughtful, friendly, dreamer, moody, photography fan, rugby practising.

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