Three choices for America’s role in the world

Nobody can deny it. America is and will be a superpower or the superpower per se for the upcoming years — even though their 45th president isn’t widely considered the right choice. But let’s skip the Donald Trump debate. Let’s focus on the book review of Ian Bremmers bestseller “Superpower”!

About the author:

In the book from Ian Bremmer “Superpower: Three Choices for

America’s Role in the World” he describes the possible three ways America can go in the future. Before I am coming to my book review itself, let me share some more information about the author Ian Bremmer.

Besides being a bestseller author, he is also a writer and editor for the foreign affairs column in the Time magazine. On top of that he is also the president and founder of Eurasia Group, one of the leading global political risk and research consulting firms in the world. With all his expertise and insights about global affairs he wrote the book “Superpower — three choices for America’s role in the world”.

My Book Review:

All in all, I really liked the book. It was a easy, well structured and informative book. Separated in three main parts, the book first deals with various facts from the past and present of Americas political and social affairs. Here you can read a lot of interesting and important facts about why America has this standing today. Although I am normally not the biggest fan of one fact stacked upon the other, Ian Bremmer focuses only on the most important and essentials ones.

After giving the reader a good overview of the current situation of America, he focuses and explains the three “possible and perfect” scenarios for America’s role in the world. These three roles are either “incoherent America”, “independent America” or “moneyball America”. Ian Bremmer closely describes what actions the president of the United States has to execute to achieve one of these three roles. Although it has a focus on political terms the authors describes all of the three roles very closely and even for a rookie in the field of political and social affairs — just like me — everything was very clear. In the end Ian Bremmer himself gives his personal opinion, which of the three roles would be the “perfect fit” for his loved America!

To sum it up, I would give the book an overall grad of B! All in all, it was a good insight into the political and social affairs world of the United States. As Ian Bremmer is one of the best at his field! One thing, which I have to criticise is the missing focus on either Hillary Clinton’s or Donald Trump’s perspective of future America in the book. I know, it was not clear at this time who would win, nevertheless it would have been an interesting chapter!

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To finish our review we would like to share the following quote with you:

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persist in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” — George Bernahrd Shaw
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