Welcome to our first podcast!

Want to join us, on finding out more about our company kju:bit. Then we would like to welcome you to our first podcast episode!

During this podcast, we would like to introduce the concept of Hackathons a little bit more. For this reason, we have a special expert in Christian Weichselbaum, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist at KIVU Technologies. A former expert in organising hackathons will answer the following question like:

  • What exactly are hackathons?
  • Who can attend a hackathon?
  • What’s the speciality about hackathons?

Here is the link to our soundcloud version: https://soundcloud.com/user-35866473/the-state-of-kjubit-1-interview-mit-christian-weichselbaum or check it out through this link https://kjubit.org/state-of-kjubit-podcast-episode-1/

Just listen to it and we hope you enjoy it! If you liked it and think some of you friends, colleagues or relatives might be interested as well, share it on your social platforms and use our official hashtag #kjubit! Also if you have any questions, which were raised during the podcast just write us on our Twitter account we are more happy to hear from you! Attention: the first podcast we launched is in German, so don’t be scared to hear our german voices! Until next time — where we want to talk a little bit more about founding our own company. So tune in again!

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