Why We Love Hackathons (And You Should, Too!)

Hello and welcome to our second episode of the podcast series “the state of kjubit”.

We hope you enjoyed our first episode — if you haven’t heard it till now click this link — and you can’t wait to hear what we will be talking in our second one. Today we have some pretty interesting and deep insights into the topic of hackathons. The interview partner for todays episode is none other than my colleague and friendAndreas Weichselbaum, operations and finance athlete here at Kjubit. Some of the main question we will be discussing today are:

  • Why we love hackathons and you should too!
  • What is our idea behind organising hackathons?
  • Who is the target group for hackathons?

Here the link to soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-35866473/the-state-of-kjubit-episode-2-180517-1805 or to our website for the podcast https://kjubit.org/the-state-of-kjubit-podcast-episode-2/

Other than those questions, we will also be talking about some other informations towards our first hackathon here in Vienna! So if you are interested please tune in and we hope you enjoy this episode as much as the first one! This time it is also in English.