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did you even read the security guide I linked? I mean it clearly says its a temporary profile so how can you just say it’s not, and no one ver claimed its an unbeatable “most secure system ever” how did you even get there, the point was that the videos you saw were a little misleading as faceID was trained to accept that face, as for the design I myself was among the first people to make fun of it and I would rather have something like a 5T than the X purely speaking on design too but I agree with the article I linked, yes/no question, does the notch distinguish it from every other phone? if you answer yes than thats exactly the point, also yes okay it might be a compromise but in the competition of compromises the X made the smallest one,we have seen tiny bezel displays but they have a narrow top bezel and a narrow bottom bezel, or they have no top bezel and a huge bottom bezel with the front camera absurdly on the bottom, the X doesnt have a bottom bezel and has a tinier top bezel which isnt actually a bezel either, I mean logically thinking i believe they did good for the first time and I’m like a total apple is shit preaching guy but im talking logically while you’re just being anti apple

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