The devil’s show.

I’ll take you with me to the devil’s show,

I’m prepared to drag you, if you must know.

Pray all you want, God is but an old acquaintance severed.

You will stand, still as the numbers are inked on your fore-head, a slave till the exhaustion of time itself.

There will be no end to the madness, you will be taunted, tortured. You will yearn for death only to find the grim reaper has had his fill.

You will be mocked for your ignorance of the price of evil and a beyond subconscious resignation to the fact that you belong here.

Perceive that? It’s the putrid smell of rotting flesh smoldering over burning sulphur but not really burning, just a reminder that people like you have such an easy soul to steal.

I’ll take you with me,

To a place where hate doesn’t need a reason,

I’ll take from you, your will to fight,

In this place where all that is wrong is right.

This place where you’ll lose your mind from hearing whispers of love yet all you feel is hate and the fire because frankly your pain is my uttermost desire.

You life was made of choices, some undoubtedly without appeal. You took your soul for granted and its mine now to steal.

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