My mother is Batman

I tried to take an escape route, and it ran through your space and the space of other people, it shook your world, but you stayed strong.
We both know I do not want to stay here anymore but to escape I will have to deplete my all. You say, Come here. We will work it out. You make me buckets of fried turkey and give up your Africa Magic yoruba because you saw me smile while I watched 1000 ways to die.

This morning I got this selfie with a message that said “I have super powers now, together we can fight your depression.”

In the unlikely event that you get tired (as will everybody who is invested in me, eventually because they’re only human), this is how I will remember you. Right now I’m not sure how much of a fight I have left in me to put up, but I draw strength from knowing Batman. My mother is Batman and I don’t care if her costume is wrong. 😎