Now is all you get

Let’s take walks down the Ijesha market strip late at night. You can recount your memories one by one. Let’s see all the Harry Potter movies back to back and not get out of bed at all, I would pretend not to mind when you fawn over Sirius Black. Let’s celebrate the moments rather than the years. Let’s get drunk on each other until we fall away into sleep in each other’s arms. I promise you a love like no other, a love without expectation, a love that loves you for all of you, a love without forevers but a love with roots that grew.

You can’t get forever. All you get is now. I can’t promise always. I want you to remember me as I will remember you, and that’s all we can promise each other really, because in the end, that is all human beings can do.

We are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. And nothing is ever going to wait for us or love us, or turn itself upside down so that we can be together. But that is just why it is so important for us to treasure each other in this moment, because this moment and each other is all we have.

For who knows if tomorrow will ever be the same? Who can tell if tonight is the last time we ever see each other again?

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