This got me thinking. And this might eventually be one of the random thoughts I have.

Why have I not published any article? Will I ever have an article to call mine?

By article, I mean the how-to(s), how-do-I(s), reviews of development frameworks and other related stuff.

Deep down in me, I know this thought isn’t attributed to the fact that I can’t write a complete article but the thought of things like:

What will people say? Would it be a good read? Is it going to be more of boos than wows? More of criticisms than commendations? How would I raise my head up when I’m being finished my people’s comments?

This is exactly how thoughts like this keep many of us from bringing that great idea to reality. When we start focusing less on people’s comments, we take the first step to breaking records.
Yes, criticisms are good for that great idea(it will always come in handy) but it’s the best when we see it as building materials than destructive explosives/bombs.
I have taken the first step by publishing this one here. I don’t claim to be a great writer like many people I know. But nobody says I can’t pen down my thoughts when I need to.