Brewing Methods Chart from Rebel Roasters Coffee — Inspiration for our Taxonomy

Updated 2018–02–17: Added brewing methods chart + screenshots of final UI.

This article aims to present a way to implement a fully flexible taxonomy system inside your Django app. The editing implementation will rely heavily on the use of Wagtail (a CMS built on Django) but will still be relevant if only Django is used. This is a repost from my original article on Codementor.

Business case

The case for a taxonomy can be broad — you may be developing a blog, are bored, and really want a complicated way to tag posts. …

For developers using the Wagtail CMS who want to add image upload fields.

I have written an update of this post that works on Wagtail > 2.10 September 2020. Image Uploads in Wagtail Forms (Wagtail 2.10).

Original Post — Wagtail 1.12

The Problem — Your team are loving the custom form builder in Wagtail CMS and want to let people submit an image along with the form.

The Solution — Define a new form field type that is selectable when editing fields in the CMS Admin, this field type will be called ‘Upload Image’. …

Top picks of where to work and drink coffee at similar times in Chiang Mai, Thailand (includes free narrative).

Iced Coffee Kills Barista

It has been just a little while since we were in Chiang Mai, maybe about four months, nonetheless this incredible resource should still be reasonably valid.

The first thing you should know is that there is a massive amount of great options when visiting Chiang Mai. Some award winning baristas and cafes are situated here, even when we visited the London Coffee Festival we found that some of the winners were from cafes we had visited earlier that month. The prices are cheap but not astonishingly cheap especially if you want a good blend or single origin. However, the fit-outs…

A collection of tips, places to see and random experiences

My wife (Bec) and I are travelling the world this year Digital Nomad style, our second stop was Chiang Mai, Vietnam. We both visited this amazing city the year before for only a few days and loved it. I remember walking around the city one morning during that trip, getting coffee for our friends back at the apartment thinking that this would be a really relaxing city to live in. …

Epic cafes to drink coffee at and also get stuff done if you are keen.

Work, drink coffee, use the wifi, just please do not fall asleep.

Our first stop for this year was Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, you can read more about our time on this post about Travel, Tet & Tips. One of my favourite things to do is drink coffee, it all started when I got my first real part time job at The Coffee Club. For the longest time all I did was drink hot chocolates and work out that it was ok to smile while sweeping the floor. I had assumed that people would not…

Chronological thoughts on week numbers and week based flows.

Thanks Unsplash Source

I have never been a big fan of our calendar, the Gregorian calendar. I live in the real world so I cannot easily change what calendar we use but have always felt there must be a better way. This calendar breaks up the year into 12 months, each has days ranging from 28 through to 31 with February changing itself to suit our non-conformant traversal around our sun. The calendar we use today has a complex history with many accidents along the way. …

Some collected thoughts on our thirty-seven days in Saigon.

Some markets that we happened to walk past.

My wife (Bec) and I recently spent just over a month (thirty-seven days) in Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon during January. After eight hours of travel, it was great to get into our Airbnb apartment. I am not sure if our taxi driver was crazy or tired but it was an interesting experience on the way from the airport. Maybe he was just laughing because he got away with charging us so much ($22 AUD), we took an Uber back to the airport ($6 AUD) so we got the last laugh. …

For developers using the Wagtail CMS, intending to add more functionality to their email forms.

Tip: The ‘Forms’ sidebar item will only show up after you have your first Form created. Nifty!

The problem — you want to extend what shows up in the email from Wagtail’s form pages.

The solution — extend the ‘send_mail’ function on your form, this is not in the docs but it is available.

What is Wagtail?

Wagtail is a Content Management System (CMS) built on top of the Django Web Framework. It is written in Python and wherever possible does not reinvent the wheel so you can use a lot of the Django world really easily. The thing I love about it is that the admin user interface is really well thought out, beautiful and easy to use.

Mildly connected thoughts on adapting to change.

When I was a kid I remember my Grandma teaching me to swim better, the memories are not of a family swimming pool but at a beach out in the (what seemed like) very team ocean! The routine would be that she would stand in the water with her arms out and get me to swim towards her. However, the closer I thought I got the more she seemed to move backwards. It was a goal I could never reach, she wanted me to swim closer to her but kept moving away. It…

The Year as a Digital Nomad

My amazing wife, Bec, and I have started an adventure this week for the year. We will travel the world (well, Asia and Europe planned so far) and live the Digital Nomad life. There are so many unknowns ahead of us that it is somewhat disconcerting to write about it, however there is also so much that excites me about the year ahead.

Digital Nomads are those who work via the Interwebs, using tech to do their job remotely in co-working spaces, apartments or coffee shops. ~Wikipedia

I plan to post regularly this year and share some of the things…

LB (Ben) Johnston

LB (pronounced ‘Albi’), love coffee, systems, travel, technology and also coffee. Incredibly thankful for my amazing wife Bec and baby Leo.

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