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Friend-spiration #2: Philip Lück and Linus Zoll + Interviews!

I have known these guys for such a long time and watching them grow as designers has been nothing short of inspiring. They are the main reason why I chose to have a go at 3D Design. May I present to you the Deutsche 3D meister(s): Philip Lück & Linus Zoll.

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10 min readAug 20, 2018


I first came to know both Phil and Linus during our time creating speed arts, YouTube backgrounds many moons ago, and it’s nice to see that they are still cracking on, but making a huge earthquake in the very foundations of the world of 3D design. So, who are they?

Linus Zoll is a Freelance 3D Designer from Leipzig, Germany but now resides in Düsseldorf. He is an Autodesk Fusion 360 Expert Elite, the youngest worldwide within the Expert Elite program, and has worked for a host of clients such as Versace, Adobe Stock, and Native Instruments.

Philip Lück is a 3D Designer from Trier, Germany, currently working at the design studio FOREAL which is also based in Trier. He also freelances in his spare time. He too has a host of clients under his belt whom he has worked for, such as the likes of Samsung, Nike and Google.

They are also well known on social media platforms, specifically Instagram, having both clocking up to over 125k followers on the app with Linus having over 12k and Phil having over 115k. Their work has been seen all around the world and have both made their presence known within the world of design.

LIVING DANGEROUSLY Project By Linus (Left) ABSTRACTS Project By Phil (Right)

So, why do they inspire me?

Many, many reasons. Mainly getting me into the world of 3D design and exploring the endless opportunities that are explored within it. But mainly, it’s their progression, work ethic and drive. To me, it’s infectious. Seeing them constantly working, getting better and striving for design perfection.

From seeing how they have progressed as designers over the years, it has been a spectacle to behold. Now more than ever, 3D has been an integral part of design, with the medium constantly being pushed into new directions and pathways, with the likes of studios such as ManVsMachine, The Mill, etc. leading the charge, to see guys like Linus and Phil dominate their field so well and constantly pushing themselves, it is a truly inspirational sight to behold.

It’s encouraging to see Linus and Phil develop their own style and mature as designers, and becoming masters of their craft. They both are proficient with the tools they use at their disposal and pushing the likes of Cinema 4D as well as Autodesk Fusion 360 to their limits and more.

For me, they are both the forerunners of 3D design right now and inspirations for many people including myself. Their work speaks volumes about the talent and skill they possess and their work ethic shows they have no sign on slowing down but signs of constant improvement and progression.

It comes as no surprise that they have worked for the clients they have worked for or the studios they have jobs at, etc. because they are constantly hardworking, and creating pieces of work which many people would be grasping for it they could. They should be seen as the ideal artist / designer: hardworking, intelligent, creative and humble.

I have known them for a long time now and they are both so incredibly humble and awesome guys. They are both incredibly gifted and I am so grateful to know them, I respect them both highly, not just as designers and practitioners but friends.

So to you guys: Keep on doing what you are doing, you are absolutely smashing the world of design at the moment. I know you will be onto bigger and better things, just keep the grind which you both do so well and smash your goals and more! I will be here to support 100%. I hope to see you both very soon!

VirtualVersace by Linus (Top) NIKE FOOTBALL by Phil (Bottom)

Interview with Phil and Linus!

I think it is only necessary to interview them both. Hopefully it gives you some insight onto who they are, what they do and other general bits!

(1.) Hi Phil / Linus (Hereafter PL / LZ) Thanks for doing this interview guys, it’s nice for me to be able to do this and thank you for taking part! So guys, how did you get into the world of design?

PL: I started back in 2012/13 — dunno exactly when — with some photoshop speed arts on YouTube. So a timelapse of my workflow, doing stuff in Photoshop. That’s basically where it all started.

LZ: Hey Lewis! First of all thanks to you for supporting me and my work in the past years! It means a lot.

When I was very young, I guess between 11 and 12 years old, I watched a lot of YouTube videos where people tell stories by digitally animating stickman figures. I loved drawing so I wanted to learn how to create these animations and to create my own. After doing this for a few months and reading through forums I found out about the world of Photoshop and image manipulation. Because this was too expensive I downloaded Gimp and learned everyday by watching YouTube tutorials. Eventually a few months later I finally found my true love — 3D.

SOLIDSOLID Hoverboard by Linus (Left) Instagram by Phil (Right)

(2.) What makes working in 3D appealing to you and your work?

PL: Being able to create something from absolutely nothing. Like you start from scratch all the time but aren’t limited to anything.

LZ: I tried many different ways to bring my ideas to life. The freedom that 3D gives you to basically be able to create anything that is happening in our weird and creative minds just fulfils me the most.

Image part of ‘Personal projects’ by Linus (Left) Image part of ‘UNSEEN’ by Phil (Right)

(3.) Who has / have been your biggest influences in your progression throughout your time designing?

PL: What actually got me started doing 3D were the everydays from beeple, haha! But my biggest influence is probably my time working at FOREAL. Learnt so much there, can’t deny it shaped my current style.

LZ: The list of names of other Artists/Designers that inspire me would be too long. I look at amazing projects by other designers everyday on Behance or Instagram and of course, I also try to learn from other creatives. What really pushed me a lot was to never give up especially with all the support my friends and family gave me. Having people who you trust telling you that you’re doing the right thing helped me a lot when I started.

Model 416 by Linus (Left) ‘Applespin’ by Phil (Right)

(4.) What do you guys get up to in your spare time other than design? (Personal interests, sports, etc.)

PL: Since I have a girlfriend I try to have as much time as possible with her, even if it’s hard to reconcile everything. But I ride my bike a lot, work out in the gym and play loads of beach-volleyball in the summer.

LZ: I don’t have a lot of spare time so I enjoy every minute I can spend hanging around with my friends. Otherwise just the usual stuff: watching Netflix and sleeping.

Image part of ‘Personal projects’ by Linus (Left) ‘OFFF(Festival)’ by Phil (Right)

(5.) Where do you see yourself within the next 10 years or so? (Working for big clients, etc.)

PL: Being a full time freelancer, hopefully work on my first ever titles for a bigger design event and probably do a talk at one as well. I don’t really have any client goals, since the more fun projects are from the smaller clients anyways, haha.

LZ: Honestly I have no idea. I just hope that I will still be doing what I love everyday, as I am doing at the moment. This is the most important thing to me.

Image part of ‘Personal projects / Machines 2.0’ by Linus (Left) ‘Facemelt’ by Phil (Right)

(6.) What is your favourite part of the creative process? (Could be the sketching part, ideas, final design, etc.)

PL: In 3D it has to be texturing and lighting. Could do this for hours! Back in my photoshop only days it def. was final colour grading of the image. Grading in general can take any image to another level.

LZ: I love working as a part of a team with other designers (development). When you have worked for weeks on a big animation project with people from all around the world and then you see the final project, for me, this is an amazing feeling to a see a final outcome culminated after working on it for such a long time. Knowing how hard everyone worked on each scene and then seeing how it all evolved into something from ideas to the final creation, we know we can be proud of what we have created and it is just great every time.

Image part of ‘Personal projects / Machines’ by Linus (Left) ‘Whitesplash’ by Phil (Right)

(7.) Where do you see the world of design going to next?

PL: I don’t see creative work dying, or being done by AI. AI is driven by known stuff, without emotions or any own creativity — that’s why the creative industry should be pretty safe from being overtaken by AI — at least I hope so. Yet, esp. in regards to rendering, AI will play a big role. We are heading towards real time rendering with pretty big steps, so AI will def. come in handy. :)

LZ: Design is something that will always be needed and that is always evolving. It’s such a tough topic to predict its future if you think about how fast the technology and media industry changed in the past 20 years so I cannot really guess where it’s going.

Image part of ‘Personal projects’ by Linus (Left) Image part of ‘UNSEEN’ by Phil (Right)

(8.) What is your favourite piece of work and why?

PL: I don’t really have a real favourite. I’m super critical with my own work, so I’m never really 100% satisfied with the final anyways, but if I had to pick, there’d be two ‘Tasty Confusion’ (Pepsi & Coke Image below), because of the subtile twist/story behind it and ‘Edgesqueeze’, because of its super crisp textures.

LZ: It yet has to be created.

Image part of ‘Personal projects’ by Linus (Left) ‘Tasty Confusion’ ’by Phil (Right)

(9.) What is the biggest piece of advice you can give to any one wanting to strive to get better and to improve?

PL: Never ever stop. Be patient and learn from others. And watch a dumb amount of quick-tips and tutorials. They ALWAYS will come in handy at some point. :)

LZ: Be open for feedback and learn from your mistakes. Be proud of your work but never think that you’re the best and that there aren’t more things that you can learn. And the most important thing: spend more time doing what you love to get better at it.

Image part of ‘Personal projects’ by Linus (Left) ‘saberfluffy.’ by Phil (Right)

(10.) Cheers for taking part guys, I massively appreciate it. I know you guys are on to big and better things already and I will continue to support! What are your links to social medias / websites for people to follow?

PL: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Ello & Behance

LZ: You’re more than welcome! You can go visit my website or follow me on Behance and Instagram.

Image part of ‘Personal projects’ by Linus (Left) ‘google help’ by Phil (Right)

Many thanks to both Phil & Linus for taking part, seriously check them out, support them and watch them grow as designers!

Dankeschön Brüder, ich wünsche euch nur das beste!

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