38 Vlogs and still determined

One of my new year resolutions was to make 365 vlogs for my YouTube Channel called Lifeaholic. I decided to document my journey in the form of video. I was not prepared or had a basic plan in mind of what content I am going to put. But I was sure I wanted to post videos on how I live my passion and how I am making time for things I love.

I finally completed 38 vlogs!

Check out my 38th Vlog -> http://fxnikee.com/my-wakeboarding-experience/

It was not easy recording or editing vlogs for days when I go out of the station. Various factors came into play. Factors such as:

  1. Getting tired
  2. Getting conscious
  3. Too much editing
  4. Other priorities take over
  5. Mismanaged time
  6. Lack of creativity when you need it
  7. Laziness
  8. Going out of station
  9. Others

When you are determined, you will bypass all these hurdles and find a reason to upload that video. I feel incredibly confident when I upload that video. It gives a boost to my energy and keeps the momentum. I am getting less conscious which is good. However, some of the videos I upload, I would not watch myself.

It does not matter how the content turns out. My focus is on removing all the barriers I will encounter. Making a video everyday pushes me to think about how I can create good content. I always think of ideas I can generate a vlog. Editing and cutting out all the unnecessary bits just becomes a habit.

I stammer big time. The process of making a video every day makes me think about how much time I will take if I stammer. Now, I am looking out to ensure I speak slowly with fewer fillers and make a script before speaking in from of the camera. Recording neatly saves a lot of time, in editing the vlogs.

Originally published at F X NIKEE.

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