Prepare yourself for your finest moments

The first thought that comes to your mind is usually not the best you can come up with. This is how any normal person would think. But the idea is normal, which means I need to think of an irrational idea to set me apart. 
The idea required can be for solving a problem or even negotiating about something. That irrational idea might not convince many. If it did, then it would not be called an irrational idea.

I am big fan of the movie Sherlock Homes: A game of shadows. In this movie Sherlock had already prepared for the fight with Moriarty. He had with him Mycroft’s oxygen breathing device for his survival in the snow. During the whole movie Sherlock did not reveal why he had that device, as his reason would definitely seem irrational to many. I am sure Sherlock also considered the possibility of the device not getting used, but he was prepared. 
It is essential we prepare for out finest moments however irrational it may seem to you. It might not even be used and you might act on another possibility. But its better we take the chance of being prepared rather than ignoring that idea. I believe that you have a window of few seconds to utilize that irrational idea to make that maximum impact.

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