Colby Klaus agreed — one of the reasons game writing is so unfavorably looked at to — say —…
John M Osborne

Indeed. A good example is always the initial Bioshock, where the story is moving well up to the big climax and reveal, but then you have an extra couple hours of gameplay added afterwards which seems needlessly convoluted and is full of backtracking. There are also the Shin Megami Tensei games which are notorious for having the last stretch of the game becoming a long stretch through a giant tower without much narrative significance. And, of course, Skyrim gives you so much content that you can play for 100 hours and never see the story advance or change, to the point where I couldn’t even remember who was supposed to be warring and why.

They’re similar to a show like Community where fan demand conflicted with the constant cancellations, so everything that was wrapped up nicely had to be turned into a new, over the top story to justify its continuation.

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