True Lies

False Love

False Hope

True Lies

Truth lies…

amidst your confused mind

buried deep in your pitiful soul

lost floating at the core of your black hole…

I mean heart.

I tried to piece together your mind

to infiltrate the depths of your soul

& repair that hole within your heart…

I could see the truth in your eyes,

the pain eating away at your soul

as your tongue told the lies your confused mind made you tell

& As they rolled off your lips I was mesmerized by

False Love

False Hope

True Lies

All I ever wanted to do was feel you, fulfill you, make you mine

So despite those lies

I allowed our souls to intertwine

tangled in a web amongst unrelinquished soul ties

It was a time bomb;

this False Love.

with a fuse of False Hope

ignited by True Lies

I tried to fight a little longer

Love you a little stronger &

Hold you Closer

In hopes to extinguish the flame you had set ablaze

But it was too late.

You could no longer continue the masquerade

as your false love began to fade

and just like the last,

of me

you grew tired.

on to the next before my false hope had expired

& It was my fault for trying to see the truth within your lies

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