Self-Discovery Entry №1 — Exordium

While I’ve spent the majority of my 17 years on planet Earth in front of a blue-light straight into my face throwing screen, most recent developments were personal aspirations in trying to find out who and what really is, what I refer to — and have just used before this parenthesis — as ‘I’. As these aspirations haven’t appeared out of nowhere, a little bit of background information on them shall be useful, therefore, let me explain.

One occurrence in my life that more-or-less initialized the strive for self-discovery was when a local friend claimed school would only make everyone the same, to which I agreed for the most part.

My taste in music also did its part. As it is primarily Rock, to be exact psychedelic and classic Rock, especially from the 1960s and 70s, for instance, Stairway To Heaven and The Battle of Evermore by Led Zeppelin, some folks I’ve met online called me a hipster, not as in the rather mainstream — and thereby rather ironic — definition of a person with a beard, lumberjack button-down/flannel and such, but instead as in a person with distaste in mainstream choices, as in my case the distaste regards programming languages, clothes or — as in this example — music. My mom however used another term to describe me, she claimed I’d be ‘a little hippie’, which I found confusing because — even though I am aware that’s not all about them — drug use is nothing I support in the least. But after some research on hippies, I discovered way back when they had been active, Zen Buddhism and Taoism were two religions/philosophies they had been practicing at that time. Zen Buddhism was familiar to me because of school and Steve Jobs, who practiced it, Taoism, however, didn’t click.

Some research on Taoism made me realize, with its philosophy of trying to find your own “Tao”, literally “way’, it may be a solution to my depression, which I don’t want to specify any further. So in the Self-Discovery series, which this post/entry is a part of, I would like to share my resources and experiences with you. Possibly, you can use it for orientation in order to find your own way. Also worthy of mentioning is the fact that I am an Agnostic Atheist, meaning whatever may be connected with Taoism in a religious manner is nothing I care for.

Thank you very much for taking your time to read! Hopefully, this entry has been able to excite you for the future of this particular series or for any other articles that I’ll publish.