✨A great terminal on Windows?

Sounds crazy? It’s possible though 😉

> I’m not a native English speaker. If you see any typo, please let me know ❤


Hyper is terminal emulator based on electron (so it’s built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), which means it super customisable. Here’s a cool list of the plugins you can use with it: awesome hyper.

Here’s what it looks like with the monokai theme on:

Not really good, right? Things get much better when you activate bash.😉


Theses days, almost every body has git installed on his system (so this tricks only works if you have it too). Well, you might not have notice but there is a bash.exe file which allows you got run a Unix like bash prompt. It’s located where you’ve installed Git and in the folderbin, (it’s likely to be here: C:/Program Files/Git/bin/bash.exe)

So, we need to combine Hyper and bash. Easy.

In your hyper config file C:/Users/<your username>/.hyper.js, (or ~/.hyper.js if you’re already in Unix mode 😊), you can set the value of shell to the absolute path to the bash.exe and that’s it! You’re done! Start Hyper and you’re good to go with every Unix command (vim, curl, less, all that awesome stuff 😉).

Clear the screen

There’s a little problem with hyper though: if you press ctrl+L, the cursor moves up, but the text isn’t “removed”, which gives a weird thing.

You can solve that by setting the TERM environment variable to cygwin or msys(in my case, it’s the first one that worked). In order to do that, you can just type each time export TERM="the-one-that-worked-for-you", or, you add it in your ~/.hyper.js environment variables:

env: {
TERM: 'the-one-that-worked-for-you'

A nice prompt text

You might not have realized, but now, everything is Unix-like: start customizing in your ~/.bashrc: for example, the prompt.

Nice prompt, right?

You can change the prompt by changing the PS1 variable (and the PROMPT_COMMAND has to be a function which is called just before the PS1 variable is displayed. This let’s you do some pretty cool stuff). If you’re interested in how to get the same result, have a look at my dotfiles!

Quick explanation

The prompt is simply the current path, then the branch (you can use the __git_ps1 function I think, but I made my own). And then the smiley tells me the last commit date (the idea comes from gitmoji).

That’s it for this post! It was just a quick way to set up your terminal, but I’ll probably share you some more tips and tricks about terminals later on! So make sure you hit this follow button, and just let me now what you thoughts are about this post 🙂 (my first one 🎉).

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