Obama founded ISIS; Clinton Is the Co-Founder.
John Thompson


Thank you for sharing this! To say it was a great read is an understatement. Beyond the post, I’d also like to thank you for your service and sacrifice you’ve made for America.

You are a hero.

I also saw some of the comments Avarielle was making towards you, which I’m highly disappointed to see. She questioned your credibility while crediting hers, but what could possibly me more credible than someone like you who was in the thick of all it there?

It’s disappointing to have to witness people like yourself, or Sean Smith’s mother Pat/any Benghazi victims, be put into question over their integrity and honesty. Sympathy & trustworthiness should be evident in these circumstances, not stubbornness & ignorance.

Thank you for your service, both in the military & also politically as a Trump supporter. The guy certainly has his flaws, but who doesn’t? I’ve seen this quote/statement floating around recently on social media, and it really is so true:

“When Donald Trump says things, it offends people sometimes and it can be controversial, but when Hillary makes mistakes, people die.”

The media’s agenda is so clear and evident of how far left they are, and I pray that people like yourself can help make a difference and bring truth to the light. It’s such a shame to see Trump’s light being darkened by the radical leftist media (CNN being the worst, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, & ABC), while Hillary’s darkness is being completely ignored and praised.

Praying for you John Thompson and thank you again. God bless.