Letter 2:

“4th of July Weekend”

Dear Son,

You experienced your first time being at a lake. One of the greatest examples of God’s grace in Arizona son is the fact that He put Canyon Lake near Phoenix. Once you go through a full summer here, you’ll understand what I mean.

I’m usually not a fan of driving, but when it comes to Arizona, sometimes I look more forward to the drive rather than the destination we’re going to.

Most of the time, you’ll get stunning views of mountains. Sometimes you’ll get sites like below on the side of the road where your curiosity becomes so great that you just have to stop. In this case, we got both. I hope you enjoy stopping and taking photos like I do.

After about an hour drive and multiple trips up and down the winding road to get one parking pass, we finally made it to the lake.

Every now and then son, you’ll have moments in your life where God will remind you that, even with all of the chaos in our world, good people exist. We had a family beside us who lent us their umbrella to lay under and also assisted in helping us stay cool on yet another 100+ degree day.

We set up camp for the day, pulled out our ham and cheese sandwiches, and just relaxed.

Your mom made fun of me as I first stepped into the water. She didn’t realize how rocky it was until she came out there shortly after I did. Next time, water shoes will definitely be on the list of things to bring.

Side Note: Your mom also got stung by a bee.

After about 2 hours on the lake, we viewed the bee sting as our cue to go. Your mom is so tough. She’s the strongest person I know (and the most beautiful thing ever). I hope you get her strength.

The afternoon flew by and before you know it, we were already back home. This first visit to Canyon Lake certainly won’t be our last. Hope you enjoyed it little guy.


Your dad.

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God bless,

The Baxters