A short hike to a beautiful location. It’s incredible the things you can see a short drive from San Francisco, the city I am learning to call my home. I was able to meet up with some friends from college that I, for the most part, haven’t seen in years. What are great opportunity to see old friends and discover new places!

Its already been some time since I’ve gone and returned from Nicaragua, and it seems as though its already been a lifetime since I explored the mountains, towns, and coast of Central America with those who have become not only travel companions but great friends.

I have put of posting…

Byron watching the falls at Cascada de la Tzararacua — Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico

Three weeks ago I had never been out of the United States. A month before that I had never once considered going to Mexico. …

Here are some thoughts on writing. Maybe I’ll share some more thoughts here too.

I’ve always wanted to create something. There has never been a deficit of concepts that could come to fruition, merely a lack of skill, passion, or perhaps both. When it comes to the idea, the drive…

Thats Byron in the middle. The positive one. Always. Take note.

Let’s go back to 2015 for a minute. More specifically to a snowy mountain in Vermont in late April of 2015 — to the summit — with snow and cold and wind. Did I mention the waist deep snow?

Alas, I am already ahead of myself, and at this point…

Matthew Bennett

Explorer with constantly expanding ambitions.

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