Smash Your Kubernetes CKAD Exam — My Study Guide and Exam Resources


The CNCF Certified Kubernetes Application Developer certification demonstrates your ability to use and operate a Kubernetes cluster. You’ll need to create Kubernetes objects, manage resources, and debug a cluster. The emphasis is on Developer— use that to prioritise your study.

  1. Know your shit
  2. Be fast at doing it

Study Methodology

Here’s the path I took to pass my CKAD exam on the first attempt.

Quick Exam Tips

  • You complete the exam in a (shitty) browser-based terminal environment. One, expect lag. Two, make sure you know how to do everything via a CLI. Let me tell you from experience that editing YAML via Vim sucks if you only kinda know Vim. (j… i… space space… esc… j… i… space space… thirty times.)
  • kubectl explain is a godsend, kubectl explain --recursive is a double godsend. (That’s a thing, right?)
  • Everything happens in a Kubernetes namespace. Know how to operate, query, and change namespaces like the back of your hand.
  • The #1 struggle people have with their CKAD exam is lack of time. You need to be able to move around quickly, answer easily, and manage your time well.



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