The Next Obesity Epidemic
Mike Sturm

Also look for spelling and grammar errors. Often times, if I see more than a few, I stop reading.

One that bugs me and is becoming ever more common is the use of “amount” when “number” should be used. And yes, I saw a few instances in this article. ;)

The rule is simple: number for things you can count, amount for things you cannot count. So it’s a number of people, an amount of information, an amount of beer (but a number of beer bottles). In other words, it’s the same as with much versus many. And yet strangely enough, no one ever says “much people”. Then there are weird words like time, which have multiple meanings and can therefore be both much (as in “much time has passed”) and many (as in “I have done this many times”) and so you would use “amount of time” or “number of times” depending on what you mean. Of course you could also use “a lot of” and evade the confusion altogether.

Googling “amount vs number” will turn up a great number of results.

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