Thanks, Carolyn Bryant

You told the truth… a little too late.

Today, the world got news that Carolyn Bryant has admitted that she may have given some #AlternativeFacts, on record, 60+ years ago. Carolyn is the (now) ex-wife of Roy Bryant who, in 1955 Mississippi, along with his half brother J.W., shot and bludgeoned to death a 14 year old Black boy from Chicago by the name of Emmett Till. In fact, Carolyn was interviewed by the author of “The Blood of Emmett Till” back in 2007 and, during this interview, came forward and confessed that she had, in fact, lied- a discovery unbeknownst until today. For those who may be, but should NOT be, unfamiliar with this tragic moment in history, let me help you:

In August of 1955, a 14 year old Emmett Till was sent down to Money, Mississippi to visit relatives. One day, Till went into a local store to purchase 2 cent bubblegum. Carolyn, 21 at the time, was the clerk in the store, who divulged to her husband Roy that, during this encounter, Emmett Till had allegedly whistled at her. Roy Bryant and J.W. tracked Emmett Till down, kidnapped him, ruthlessly beat, shot, and dumped the dismembered teenage body in the Tallahatchie River. The body was found some days later and a trial ensued. When taken to trial, Carolyn testified Till had verbally and physically accosted her. You see back then, aside from existing, allegedly whistling or catcalling was a crime for a Black man. And since Carolyn claimed to be fearful of Till, the brutality of his death went unpunished. Now, some odd years later, Carolyn decided it was a good time to TELL THE TRUTH. Thanks, Carolyn.

Thanks for waiting decades to clear the air. Thanks for being the adult in the situation, while your adult husband and his adult brother put their blatant racism on public display with a teenage Till as the sacrificial object of their aggression. Thanks for clearing YOUR conscious and making yourself feel better about the ridiculous lie you told and the consequence that ultimately was a young man’s life. Thank you for allowing his mother to bury her son much sooner than necessary. Thanks for reminding us of the deep roots of White privilege and Supremacy. Thank you, from the bottom of my tired, Black Girl heart…for doing what many white people do when they’re accused: playing the victim. Congratulations.

You played yourself.

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