The Ugly Duckling That Slayed

A Note on Acceptance of Distinction

For as long as I can remember, people have tried to dictate the course of my life, from my strong opinion and mannerisms, to my moral, even to my appearance. Over the course of adolescent years, I reflect on the innumerable moments of being told to “stand up straight” and “mind my manners” by adults only to turn and be mocked and judged by my peers for my lanky limbs and quirky fashion sense. I recall crying in frustration at the lack of acceptance of my individuality and countered with advice that only seemed geared at taming me. I was encouraged to adopt humble mannerisms and appearance, Rumored that this sort of behavior: playing it safe, would get me far in life.

That was one of the biggest lies I have ever been told. Let me tell you why:

You owe no one any justification on why you are the way that you are. You have no need to try to fit into a box that was not created for you. It is totally OKAY to be set apart. Honestly, it’s much better to be distinguished than to blend in. How can you be recognizable in a crowd? Stand out! Playing small cannot, will not, and does not serve the world any good and it damn sure doesn’t serve self. Sure, we can joke about it, being different. But, DO NOT change for opinions and acceptance because you have a purpose and intent for your life. That is what preserves us: the assurance that we are on this green earth to live for no one but ourselves (and God, if you are a believer) therefore, no other person’s expectations of our life can matter no more than we give them power to. Everyone will not always agree with the things that we say, the way that we behave, or how we look. That is their cross to bear; your beauty is not a burden, and it goes much deeper than what the eye can behold. So, own up to your style, your character, your image and be proud to be set apart!

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Originally published at on January 13, 2017.