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Underneath every distraction, there’s pain needing to be healed

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Whenever the concept of death arises in my mind, I can’t help but give a little shudder. A small tremor of realization that details the cycle of life will, without a doubt, one day obliterate my existence. And yours.

One day you’re going to die.

A lovely morbid start to an article, I know, but it’s a fact you probably shy away from. I know I do. It’s inevitable. It’s inescapable. That’s haunting.

Recently I’ve been trying to become more accepting and understanding of this fact. …

It’s the process of discovering peace within yourself and with the world.

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Buddhism is one of the oldest philosophies in human history.

Clear evidence dates back at least 2,500 years, and with an estimated 376 million followers worldwide, there’s no doubt it’s one of the world’s most significant religions.

Life is suffering.

This statement is the core of the Buddhist philosophy, or more actively translated, ‘life does not satisfy’. It’s true. Throughout your life, you’ll experience sickness, ageing, and life experiences, all of which if subject you to suffering.

To some degree.

Yet, the Buddhist teachings explain that if you accept this fact, you can discover peace and start living your life how you want through your thoughts and actions. …

Or how to show up in your own life when you don’t want too

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Most of the content written nowadays is written in a way you’d call inspirational. To a degree.

It’s a shared experience written in a motivating way that tells a story with a takeaway that makes the reader feel good and capable.

To write is to connect with your reader and empower them through your words. It’s to provide value in their lives. You take your life lessons and share them with aim of helping someone else learn from them.

Here’s a question for you.

How can you create high-quality content when you don’t feel like a high-quality person?

I love writing. Period. But that doesn’t mean I want to write everyday. Somedays I wake up and have to force myself out of bed. I look at stats and feel disheartened. Maybe this path wasn’t for me. Maybe I should give up. …


Mike Arnold

I write about life, spirituality, writing, creativity, and inspiration. books coming (soon).

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