Day 30

Saturday was officially my last yoga training session, but we had a make-up class on Sunday morning. I needed to make-up a couple of hours so I went, and I’m glad I did. It was just the three of us, my training instructor, one other student ,and myself. We were discussing the eight limbed pathway and how it’s shown up for us at different moments of our lives, usually at times when the Creator is testing us. I learned about some of the challenges that these formidable women were facing. It never once occured to me that they were suffering in their personal lives, much like and unlike what I’ve been facing lately. My training instructor is my esteemed teacher and an absolute inspiration in every sense of the word. I wanted to say something to make her pain go away, but what could I say? Instead I listened and proceeded to pray for her and her family when I got home. I texted her that I’m here to hold space for her if she needs it, and that I’ll be checking in on her from time to time. I’m not sure if I’ve ever done that before. I learned from Dr. Brown that even if we personally have never gone through what someone else has experienced, we must PRACTICE compassion by listening, and just holding space for them — however that feels and looks like.

I’m glad I went and experienced a level of vulnerability with people that I otherwise would have never gotten the oppportuniy. So yesterday was a great day.