Three weeks from today I’ll be teaching my first yoga class. I’ll be TEACHING someone something, :/, none other but YOGA. I don’t know how I got here,and what prompted this. But I know it was a bit of implusiveness and my f*$K you to FEAR. I have these moments where I get tired of being controlled and bogged down by fear. So I’m like, “ya know what screw it! I’m going to do it, and I’m going to do it well”. lol

In all seriousness, its been a form of mindful meditation for me. Something I can be intentional about, something that makes me slow down and take inventory of my life. I find that as I get older and more responsibilty is towered on my shoulders, taking stock of myself has gotten harder. I can get so consumed by the juggling act that is my life, all my roles, all of my promises ( to myself and to my loved one). Yoga makes me STOP, and live in the present. To be mindful, practice gratitude, practice resilience, practice growth, practice something that scares me. And so I’m on this journey, and I truly believe that this is just the beginning for me. Here’s to new and old beginnings, and learning to love all the parts of who Amina is.

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