24-year-old resident of Pennsylvania, Eldon Stone Ross, has been sentenced to spending a year in federal prison, after which he still has to pay a $ 40,000 fine and to serve three years of supervised release.

The enterprising guy tried to sell the cryptocurrency, but in his case, his buyers were federal agents. The prosecution lies in the fact that Ross made no efforts to find out whether the buyers had a license for such an activity.

Under US law, licensed platforms, such as Coinbase, report transactions involving more than $ 10.000 to the Department of the Treasury. In the case of the accused, an attempt to sell bitcoins equivalent to $ 1.5 million was made. Also Ross admitted that he had previously made transactions of $ 50.000 …

Today is the first day of spring, and I want to talk about something warm.

The Japanese company Kumamoto-Energy Co Ltd, a producer and supplier of electricity made by solar batteries, appears to set up an affiliate company last November that operates cryptocurrency mining business using the power capacity purchased from it. It was announced on February the 20th by the company`s representatives.

Here`s another response to the hysterical moods the media are inflating that the cryptocurrency industry will lead to a global energy collapse.

The affiliate foundation OZ Mining is the desire to use the available electricity, that Kumamoto-Energy has, most effectively, as well as an excellent example of the use of renewable energy sources for cryptocurrency mining. …

There’s a popular opinion that the cryptocurrency industry is experiencing a women deficit. They say, digital novelty is not for the fair sex.

Contrary to the above, in the media there’s been recently the news that strip dancers in one of the Las Vegas nightclubs get wages in bitcoins.

There’s a cryptocurrency ATM in Legends Room club and its customers can purchase a digital currency there. Girls have temporary tattoos with QR codes bound to their bitcoin accounts. Any client using a phone application can thank a beauty for her lively dance with any amount in the first cryptocurrency.

The idea’s interesting. According to the owner of the foundation Nick Blomgren, this opportunity is good for both parties: a customer gets confidentiality and anonymity, and dancers have no problems with banks, as they’re often refused to be serviced because of the lack of transparency of the money’s origins. …

The self-proclaimed European state of Liberland took up the issue of cryptocurrency.

Lieberland is on a neutral territory between the borders of Croatia and Serbia and it`s announced its intention to issue its own cryptocurrency on April 13, which will mark the country`s third anniversary.

Formed in 2015, the state doesn`t cease fighting for its independence. Initially, it was planned to use bitcoin as a national currency, but, apparently, because of the possible forthcoming international regulation of the main cryptocurrency, it was decided to issue its own tokens.

On the territory of Liberland, which has about a hundred citizens, there are no state taxes and control over the circulation of weapon. President Vit Jedlicka raises funds in bitcoins and ethereum for the needs of the state. He issues passports to new citizens and something tells us that it`s not free. …

On May 22, 2010, a developer Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas using cryptocurrency for the first time in history, paying 10,000 BTC.

The twitter account @bitcoin_pizza daily publishes the cost of a premier purchase with respect to a current bitcoin rate. Today, those two Italian dishes cost $ 98.300.725. He had a good meal, don`t you think so?

Years later, Hanyecz (how didn`t he go mad?) decided to repeat the purchase with the only difference that this time the goal was to try out the Lightning network. According to Laszlo, he had to ask his London friends to sign a subcontract with a local pizza delivery service. …

The new flagship Samsung smartphone model has the opportunity to mine cryptocurrency due to its powerful processor and video card. It`s been stated by the developers.

Outwardly it`s not really different from its predecessor S8. Among its innovations we can note its camera with the effect of slow — mo. Also there`s a very fun feature. Most of the device’s functions, such as video shooting, bank operations, calls to certain contacts to which the owner sets restrictions, in a sober state of an owner won`t be available. It`s not reported whether the mining function will be available this case.

It`s difficult for us to imagine how many tokens it`s possible to mine this way, but it`s obvious that general love for cryptocurrencies covers more and more spheres of the economy. A smartphone, that, it should be noted, is always with us and is an integral part of our life and work, will also earn money…

Apparently, Venezuela set a new world trend. After the appearance of El Petro, three countries immediately announced their intention to launch their national cryptocurrencies. Namely, Turkey, Iran and the British Overseas Territory Montserrat.

In Turkey the future digital money is planned to be called “Turkcoin”. The initiator, the deputy chairman of Turkey`s Nationalist Movement Party Ahmet Kenan Tanrikulu, substantiates the necessity by the fact the country should keep up with the times, be in trend. At the same time, he urged a clear regulation of this financial sphere in order to avoid illegal use of tokens.

Iran’s Minister of Information Technology and Communications Mohammad Azari Jahromi said that the launch of its own cryptocurrency would reduce the impact of sanctions imposed by the United States on the country. He noted that the implementation of the project would be held by Postal Bank of Iran, which in the very near future is announcing a tender for the development of a digital platform. …

Sooner or later every parent faces the problem on how to give his child a decent and proper education. Some save up for years, others go on tick for it, some just have money.

But the ancestors of Konig Chen, born in Brazil and then graduated from high school in Taiwan, were lucky, as their enterprising son solved the vital problem himself.

A year ago he invested all his savings saved up for study, in bitcoins, and at the end of the last academic year bought some more. …

In China they intend to launch a real estate rental platform, implemented with the help of distributed registry technology. A new district of Beijing called Xiongan New Area will be presented in the service.
Several parties, namely Ant Financial, China Construction Bank and Lianjia agency will take part in the project. The platform`s system will be introduced by an ordinary system, where each user can leave a feedback about the object, others can confirm or deny it, but thanks to decentralization, no one can change it. This will form an objective opinion on the quality of the services provided.

This will help solve the problem existing in today’s China, when the market is not systematized, information about objects is twisted and illegal realtors work. Hence, there is a mistrust of consumers, and sometimes their money losses. …

The company HelloGold got permission from the financial regulator of Malaysia to launch Islamic cryptocurrency GOLDX and conduct operations with it.

Among the features of these tokens, one can note they are provided with the organization`s gold, which is stored in Singapore, and the possibility to make transactions with them strictly at the certain time. Also this cryptocurrency completely excludes anonymity, everything will be personalized. Credit restrictions, lack of speculative character of the token are other features of the Muslim coin. It is necessary to abide by the terms complied with the Sharia law.

A representative of HelloGold explained to Reuters that they plan to promote the project to the countries of South-East Asia, especially great expectations are related to Thailand. …

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