Horses: Pet-Friendly

I love my horses. I love my horses a whole lot, and if possible I would love to bring them with me everywhere I went. Some apartments and hotels boast of being “pet-friendly”, but that typically means bringing in your dog or cat, maybe a gerbil, and possibly a chinchilla if you really want to stretch it. But never a horse, right? Well, almost never, according to one post on Mashable.

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Earlier this month, Lindsey Partridge, hailed as “Canada’s Horse Whisperer”, was checking into the Super 8 motel in Georgetown, Kentucky, and found out that it was a pet-friendly establishment. As a joke, she decided to use this opportunity to see if they would take her own pet: a horse named Blizz. And the front desk clerk actually said yes! So, Partridge went to her trailer in the parking lot and paraded in Blizz. The hotel staff and Partridge then made a video showing a mock check-in, and Partridge took Blizz to her room to watch TV.

Of course, this was all meant to be a joke, and I don’t need to tell you that a motel isn’t the best place to keep your pet horse. After making a video and taking a couple pretty funny pictures, Partridge took Blizz and the other horses she had with her (my kinda person) to the Kentucky Horse Park, where there are actual stables to house a horse. According to Partridge, this was her way to show off how well-behaved a horse can be with the right training. Blizz is a race horse, who races under the name Here Comes Adri, and racehorses are often stereotypes for being crazy, hotheaded, and unruly. Partridge was in town for the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover, where Blizz took third place in the trail division, while Partridge’s other two horses landed first and second place.

As docile as Blizz may be (I’d sure love to meet him, he looks like a sweetheart), I’m sure that he’s probably not the best motel guest. Horse stables don’t always smell great for a reason, and I’m sure that the Super 8 would regret letting in Blizz after he revealed that docile as he may be, he’s still not toilet-trained.

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