Oklahoma Sunsets

When I leave Oklahoma I’m going to miss the sunsets.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some nearly life changing sunsets in my travels but there is nothing in the world like an Oklahoma sunset.

When I first moved to Oklahoma a little over five years ago I never thought I would stay here as long as I have. And I really never thought I would find anything I actually liked about Oklahoma. Then I saw a sunset one evening and fell in love — not with the state mind you but with the sunsets here.

You see, Oklahoma sunsets fill the sky, and paint the lakes, ponds, and streams bright colors. They blanket our houses and windows in purple-pink pastels, orange-red fire and copper colors, and nearly neon pinks that looks like Kool-Aid left over from a perfectly exhausting summer day. Here, the sunsets bathe the sky in colors so brilliant and true they draw your attention away and pull you into the moment.

Oklahoma sunsets consume the sky. Instead of fleeting colors that pass by in brilliant bursts leaving us with “oos” and “aahs” like the sunsets of coastal towns and old sailor’s sayings, these sunsets quite literally drape the sky in wisps of cotton candy colored clouds that consume attention.

A sunset is a reminder that life is best enjoyed in the moment. That life is sweet, and fleeting. Sunsets remind us to roll the windows down. Or enjoy the front yard with an almost perfectly icy beer while posted up on the front step of the house watching the neighborhood.

Each sunset I catch reminds me that nothing, nothing, needs to be done so badly I need to miss that peach-blending-into-blood-orange sunset because for a few minutes everything feels still and calm…and happy.

Yes, I’ll miss these Oklahoma sunsets that draw me in and say, hey, relax, savor the end of your day.

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