Three interesting colleagues I have met this boot camp

The past few days has taught me a lot of things and has taken me out of my comfort zone to meet a couple of great minds, and I must say the experience has been wonderful. Except for something like a tech event where in most cases people gather to discuss tech and business, the Andela boot camp has given me the opportunity of meeting colleagues of great minds who set goals and objectives on how to meet their goals.

If not for the fact that I am to mention just three of such awesome colleagues, I would have mentioned almost every one I have met so far, including my Learning Facilitator, Inumidun Amao who isn’t a colleague yet, but is an amazing person.

One of the first interesting colleagues I have met in the boot camp is Olatunji Yusuf. We sat on the same row so I must say it was quite easy connecting to him, he is experienced in C based languages and has a resilient spirit I admire a lot, always quick to bounce back from any setback. More so, he quite funny.

Fredrick Mgbeoma, Fred, as he likes to be called isn’t much of a talker, but he his quite cool, he rolled his tongue for us on the first day of the boot camp, which is one of the fun facts about him. Fred is very collaborative and is always ready to help, and when he needs help too, he is always willing to ask.

The tech field is dominated by men, which makes it easy for us as men to appreciate the Women In Tech. My group is the boot camp is a very good example of this, we have only a lady in our midst. Anjolaoluwa Bassey, is reserved, doesn’t talk much, maybe that’s because she is the only lady among us, but she is interesting.

In conclusion, the boot camp is filled with a lot of amazing, outspoken, talented and interesting people, but those I mentioned here are the first three that came to my mind when I was about to write this article. I thank Andela for giving me the opportunity of having a chance of been an Andelan and meeting other Andela aspirants. Thanks.

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