Fear isn’t your enemy.

When it comes to your professional life, you may have certain fears.

Fear of not being good enough,

  • Creative enough
  • Innovative enough
  • Unique enough
  • Quick enough

Here’s the thing. We all do.

Fears are what keep us motivated enough to work harder, learn faster, improve more, yet create quicker and better.

Without our fears, there’ll be no zeal to make us want to push forward and work harder.

Without fears, you’re just another whiner.

Your fears are what distinguishes you from your peers and competitors.

Your fears are what will make you stand out amongst them.

Maybe not right away, but they will..

Because you fear that you’ll lose the job if you don’t work hard enough.

  • You fear that your business will perish if you don’t bring out a product unique enough to sell & benefit your customers.
  • You fear the survival of your business because you don’t know how to get more clients.

And your fears are exactly why you’re taking some action to remedy that.

  • And your fears are exactly why, those things shall be remedied.

Winners do exactly what they fear.

So I say, have fears.

Recognise them early on, and find a way to face them head on and defeat them.

Fear is a reaction; Courage is a decision.