I started using medium 2 weeks ago, and it has changed my life for the best..

Oh what a wonderful feeling it is, to write and have people read what you have to say, and possibly revert and relate to it too! This is what happened to me when i first started using medium.

Right after creating an account, I was asked about my interests and without giving it much thought, I chose the likes of “entrepreneurship”, “leadership”, “self-help”, “creativity” and man! Am I grateful I did that!

Oh, I’m sorry. Let me introduce myself first. I’m Shriya. I’ve been working as a freelancer for the past 9 months. Working as in working non stop, all day, all night. Yet, i wasn’t really happy.

I have, also, been sitting on an idea for my own business for atleast 6 months now. Everyday, I would work on a little thinking it wasn’t really perfect yet and left it at that.

So what changed when i joined medium?

Well, for one, I came across these wonderful, influential leaders and their brilliant ideas, thoughts and lessons and it felt more like I was in a personal life coach session instead of an blog.

Every blog is incredibly personal, informative, detailed and relevant and super practical to implement. I believe I’ve never learned the true meaning of the term “quality reading” up until now.

I’ve been putting off the process to start my own agency for the longest time; simply because I wasn’t sure I was cut out for something so huge. Most days, My goals seemed practically unattainable simply because they were big enough for me.

But merely days into starting reading medium articles, my much awaited inspiration hit me.

I kickstarted the work on my website, created these social media accounts that I’ve been planning to launch “perfectly” for months now, uploaded the logo that I finished a long time ago, hit publish and BAM! The earth didn’t topple off of its axis. The world didn’t explode or collapse. Nobody died.

I don’t know what I really was expecting to happen or what I was “fearing” would happen, but well, nothing did.

I’m still here, fit as a fiddle with a renewed sense of purpose, boundless energy and ideas and working just as much as before, yet with new dreams and hopes.

And i’m eternally grateful to medium for that.