Troisix — the hungry Ogre (media kit)

Have you ever played Chromino ? I did with my family and while I was playing, I got the idea to create Troisix. Three years later, I’m proud to release it and I hope you will have as much fun playing it as I had developing it.

What’s Troisix

Official Description

Troisix is a puzzle game for iPhone and iPad that might look simple at first but will quickly make your head spin. Inspired by domino and chromino board games, Troisix is ​​reinventing the whole concept and bringing complexity and fun to the next level.

The colors like to play peacefully together, stick together and squabble nicely.
But one day, their peace is interrupted by the arrival of the Hungry Ogre. It started to capture colors to eat them afterwards.
The color need you, a born leader to help them defeat this evildoer. They’re counting on you!
Complete each level one by one by judiciously placing the colors and avoiding the traps of the Ogre. That will be the key to success!

Arround the game

Troisix was originally an intention to develop a game quickly. We planned to create the game in 6 months. But in facts, the game will be published after more 3 years of development.

It is inspired by Chromino game : a straight forward gameplay, perfect for mobile games.

Rectangles have been replaced by hexagones, the rules have been updated to play in single mode, then a little bit of fun and complexity was added by introducing the hungry ogre.
Troisix is destined for a large audience. It’s a reflexion puzzle game where a round should be played in five minutes max.

We spent quite some time on developing the game elements, specifically the tiles and the Ogre in order to make them look alive. For that, of course there is a sound design work but if you notice, the tiles move on themselves and react to events by compressing or stretching depending of the context.

The bad ogre is inspired by Venom: An organic shape with the ability of morphing and stretching.


The gameplay is relatively easy: for placing a tile on the board, each of its colors must match the colors of other tiles.

The game’s purpose is to get rid of the hungry ogre but it will prevent you reaching your goal. Actually in some levels, it will appear and eat tiles. Theses eaten tiles, becoming colorless, prevent to place other tiles close to them.

Fortunately, when you make a great play, you receive a white bonus which can be placed without restriction on the board.

About the game

The first 4 levels are tutorials then the game becomes more complex the more you play. At the beginning, you start with 7 tiles to place then this number can go up to 50 and so increases the complexity.

Troisix offers different gameplays that can be combined together :

  • Place them all: You have to place all tiles or a defined count of them.
  • Release them: One or many colors are captured, release them by cleverly placing the tiles for creating a path to join them.
  • Against the clock challenge: According the level, you have to finish it in a defined time.
  • Attack of the Ogre: Repeatedly, the ogre attack in order to block you.

Troisix currently includes 44 levels with varied degree of difficulty built around combination of the above.

Quite some evolution separates the original concept from the finished product : some functionalities were added and then removed, some killer features emerged in our mind at night and had to be quickly implemented, some critical concepts were longer thought through to improve the gameplay before being implemented, … anyway, we really enjoyed developing Troisix and hope you will have at least as much pleasure in playing it.


Troisix is translated in English and French for the moment. Translations into Chinese, Japanese and German are in progress.

The game is compatible with iPhone and iPad but is developped to be cross platform. It may be released for Android in the next 6 months and for PC/Mac later.

We are planning to add more levels in few weeks.

Launch Details

They are talking about it


Etxeagames is a french indie studio created in 2014 by Gwenn Guihal. Gwenn is an ios developper who has worked at for 3 years. He’s making game during his free time: half an hour on public transport in the morning and an hour or two from time to time in the evening.

Gwenn is 34 years old and was flash developer before becoming an ios developper. Merging these 2 skills, he started creating his first mobile game in 2014: YesSir, an artillery game which was featured as best new game in the US Store. One year later, it has been released for the Apple TV and again featured on many countries.

The 2d engine Cocos2d-x is used for making these games. Gwenn wrote an article in 2014 for the cocos2d-x community which explains the process of porting YesSir for the Apple TV.

At Exteagames, we are trying to create beautiful games, with attention for detail and user experience.

Media Kit Goodies — photos, videos and GIFs


You can find all of the media on Dropbox:

Promo video

GamePlay video

App Store iPhone Screenshots

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