Well its that time of year, where I don’t do really reflective analysis for public consumption. Tho if I’m being honest 2018 was pretty good for me personally. I mean yes, the world is still a flaming pile of trash. But hey, that’s the world for you. On that note, let’s continue with the general shit I liked in 2018. Its kinda short, but it’ll do!

  1. Spotify
    I know right? The first thing I pick is a large company that is def tracking everything you ever listen to. But hear me out, its actually a pretty good service? I’m not sure…

Its funny, how we are so afraid of uselessness. The idea that everything, including ourselves should have a function. A reason. A point. But there is a beauty and freedom in futility. When we acknowledge that nothing will ever fill the gap, then we can just appreciate the gap on its own.

There is a recklessness in that, a denial of all the things we were led to believe were right for us. A rejection, if you will, of a basic principal of humanity.

I’ve always felt like a reject.

Like there was some invisible wall that kept me from…

So I’m not going to do an introspective “look back on my year” review, nor am I going to try and sugar coat this dumpster fire of a year…the world kind of took a shit bath, and it ain’t gonna get easier going forward.

So instead of platitudes, here are some things I enjoyed online in 2016:

  1. Epitaph
    This is a text only game that’s plugged as an alien extinction simulator. Its engrossing, bleak, and beautiful, and wrapped in a simple interface.
  2. SEAGULLS! (stop it now)
    The last in the Bad Lip Reading series of Star Wars. Catchy and weird, strangely…

No seriously, go away.

I’ve been working on a project with a friend of mine. Said friend has made some rather intricate mechanical mechanisms. Last night we were in a home stretch of troubleshooting and adjustments.

We’re sitting at a bench covered in parts, obviously very focused on what we are doing. Taking things apart, putting things together, testing. etc. You know what that last night of a stretch is like. You’re just only focused on what you are doing, the rest of the world does not exist.


While doing this, some random dude we don’t know wanders over and…

This is a print version of a short 5 minute talk I did on International Women’s Day about learning to program.

Intro: I like to say that for a long time I programmed things badly, now I program things somewhat less badly. But programming is an on-going journey, so here’s some things I’ve picked up so far:

  1. Programming Is Not Easy
    Lots of places are going to tell you its easy, most places that say that likely want your money, and to sell you the fantasy that you will become a professional developer in 6 weeks (you won’t). While programming has…

Crickets and Stars

I’ve really been into the conversation around human extinction lately. I’m not sure why it cropped up now. Though its probably been rattling around in my head for a while under different names. I think in the end, the only way the planet is going to ever survive long term is if we leave it, or die out.

And we seem to be well on the track to that second option.

But I don’t know, I don’t feel upset about that idea. Just kind of comforted by it? Its like watching a clock tick, or a dial…

A post mortem of txtr and sext adventure

This is a post about some thoughts and experiences I had when building txtr, and Sext Adventure (referred to as SA in this). Overall, it was a mixed bag. Some of it was good, some of it was bad. But good and bad aside, it was definitely a thing that influenced me on a lot of levels.

Ready? It’s quite long…so get a coffee:

1. Experimental projects can be difficult to sell, and costly to support.

Arty tech projects can be a great way to experiment. But they can also be very…

AKA: Pass the tire pump, I’m outta here.

It came to pass a while ago that I realized I was rather tired of having the same arguments about cycling over and over again. Arguments can be a great tool to open up discussions, but sometimes I have to wonder if its not just a straight shot down the drain into a circle to nowhere. Usually this begins when I’ve found an article, or post that has resonated with me in some way. Maybe its about how a particularly busy street needs some work, or how intersections are garbage.

Then once…


Bikes. Arduinos. Peripherals. Code. Art. Cats. Maker of things. Grumpy. I make digital art stuff.

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