In our world of diverse people, one thing remains constant: the feeling that washes over us when we think of home. Home can mean different things to different people, and this book is a collection of homes drawn by 25 people of varied ages, from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and careers. During these wild days, the thought of home brings people comfort as they think about all the feelings home makes them feel. The ink drawings on tracing paper reflect the difference in what people consider home: whether it’s the traditions, routines, or the vicinity that make people feel nostalgic.

I gave people the book consisting of transparent sheets which I bound together. People then started drawing abstract shapes, and started adding details after. They explained several memories around the place that they were now drawing for me. During the process of collecting drawings (pre-COVID), people’s initial hesitation grew into comfort as they started detailing their pictures. They recollected memories from that space and moment in time and added details to help us understand what home meant for them. …

Turmeric latte as advertised by Starbucks
Turmeric latte as advertised by Starbucks
Turmeric latte as advertised by Starbucks

It’s 10 am, I walk into a coffee shop for a quick cup to kick start my day. The coffee shop is spacious, sunlight’s streaming in, and there are lush plants everywhere. While I skim through the menu to decide my order, something catches my eye. I squint at an image of a large glass of yellow liquid with the words turmeric latte slathered across it. Wait, turmeric what? Did they mean turmeric milk? …

People enjoy going to restaurants. …

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