Stop Your “Agile” Transformation! Right. Now.
Jurgen Appelo

Good article! I agree on the “In the 21st century, successful organizations are hard and soft. Fast and slow. Solid and liquid. Organized and self-organized.” thing, but I think the picture of a “shapeshifting organization” as descripted leeds into a wrong direction. In my opinion the hard/soft — solid/liquid thing goes well in line with ambidextrous organizations and designs of dual concepts. While the hard/solid-side is one merely made for exploiting current business models and competitive advantages, the soft/liquid one is doing the critical innovation stuff — exploring new fields. “Shapeshifting” therefor means for me: to allocate ressources to both sides simultaneously and to gradually “switch” operating models if something radically new (business model innovation, product/service) matures into a successful new competitive advantage. “Shapeshifting” then becomes a continuous endeavor, not at the org-design level, but within different kinds of innovations and their life cycle.