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Bromton on Swale, Richmond, Grinton

While travelling from Scotland down to London, I got to see my old friend Sam, who moved to the UK a while back and I hadn’t seen in years. Good times, good times.

We spent some time motorcycling around the countryside, which I loved — it was good to get a different perspective on England besides what you see in the big cities.

Scotland, mostly

After spending Christmas in Stockholm, it was on to the UK for the new year. On New Year’s Eve I got a flight to London, where I met Camille, a friend of mine from Santa Cruz.

That’s the wrong train we’re on.. but it took us in the right general direction!

It’s getting harder to use the Internet in public places. Isn’t it supposed to be getting easier to access the net? Having free WiFi used to be a perk: “Hey! We have free WiFi, spend money here!”. Then it became something we assumed would be available in places like airports. Once WiFi became ubiquitous and thus even more relied upon, some smart…

Arrival in Sweden

Stockholm Arlanda Airport → Flygbussarna → Stockholm C → Car → Mälarhöjden.

Niklas James Sletteland

nik on a trip

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