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Last month, I advocated on using live dashboards instead of finding creative ways to make PDF copies. At that time, PDF export was not available in Data Studio. Since that post, Data Studio went out of beta(woohoo!) and also launched support for PDF export! After I had published the blogpost, a number of users reached out and commented on why PDF is still needed in the business world. Some of the use cases were eye openers as I had not considered them before. …

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Edit: PDF export feature was added to Data Studio in Oct 2018. Read more about that in my followup article.

PDF export is probably the most requested feature for Data Studio on the official feature request tracker. And as of Aug 2018, there isn’t any native PDF export option in Data Studio. So, no, you can’t directly export PDFs from your Data Studio report. But do you really need to? Let me explain why I think PDF reports aren’t always a good option.

Users often have very specific requirements for using PDFs. For example:


Minhaz Kazi

Developer Advocate, Google Data Studio

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