Art Fair Philippines 2016

“An Experience”

Out of the 40 exhibiting galleries, I have chosen the canvas gallery. The artists that are exhibited in this gallery are Neil Manalo, Don Salubayba, Roel Obemio, Mark Villanueva, Liza Flores, Lina Ciani, Aldy Aguirre and Jef Carnay. The medium materials which the artists have used here are paint brushes, creativity, paint, ideas, different kinds of borders and inspiration. There are a total of 8 artworks exhibited in this gallery namely: Love Birds As Starry Night, Telekomunikasyon, What’s Next?, Bayani Sa Kasalukuyan Limot Sa Hinaharap, Tea Party, Vermillion Lake, After The Storm and The Dance Of A Warrior respectively. The collective message being conveyed by the exhibition as I engage myself with the artworks is that they tend to focus on the Philippines on how simple our country is used to living without the technologies, the determination which enables us to keep up with our everyday learning despite there are many tragedies unexpectedly and especially, the children because they are the future of our society.

I am engaged in Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan’s FRAMED: Mabini Art Project work with Antonio Calma because they were all familiar in a way that I see their artworks as simple and yet they are very refreshing to the eyes on how he incorporated the colors and ideas. He used different sizes of frames and made a collage out of it which was very impressive for me because it is all about the natural resources which our country has.

The other artwork which was very phenomenal in my eyes was the creation of Mark Justiniani. He only used a few frames of glasses and yet he made a very outstanding artwork wherein you will be curious on how he created his artworks. At first glance, it looked like you are at the very top of a building and you can only see some very bright portions that are lighted at a certain distance and it gets very deep as it gets farther and yet he only used glasses to pull it off which made me wonder how he did it.

I left the exhibition as a learned man because the creativity of each person is very vast, different in terms of on how they want to portray their masterpiece and they have different techniques on how you view art and how to pull off a certain artwork. You just have to be very imaginative and have a certain inspiration in order for you to pull off a masterpiece.