Changes to Twitch Prime

I don’t care about anything on prime except that is was adfree. You remove it, twitch prime is useless. Games? Loot? I dont’t care and I don’t want them. Remove all those and give me back the adfree.

You’re talking that’s for the creators? That make me cringe as hell. You’re just trying to increase your revenue. Nobody wants ad and you’re trying to monetize that even further than now.
And Turbo is 9$ a month? Are you fucking crazy? I will make that clear I won’t even consider subscribe to that.

From now on I will use any other streaming platform before Twitch if I can.
I will promote any other platform than Twitch. This is a really bad move, you invest a lot of money in games and loot as a strategy and you need more income. I won’t pay for your shitty strategy, keep your free games and loot.
I recently have consider the games and install the launcher. Now it’s out of question. I prefer to pay my games and not to spend my fucking life watching ads.

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